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Brand Strategy2021
Substories is a bedding goods solution brand (formerly known as Sprei Unik Bintaro), tackles the challenge of creating differentiation in an oversaturated market. In the highly competitive bedding industry, the project aims to redefine Substories' position through a unique brand personality and highlight its innovative feature, the Elastic Lock™.
The project will focus on developing a compelling brand personality that resonates with the target audience. This personality will be crafted to evoke emotions, connect with customers on a deeper level, and differentiate Substories from its competitors. By infusing the brand with a unique character and voice, Substories will create a memorable and relatable brand identity.
In addition to the brand personality, the project will emphasize Substories' innovative feature, the Elastic Lock™. This patented feature, represented by the rubbery fixtures on each side of the bedsheet product, sets Substories apart from other bedding brands. The project will highlight the functionality and benefits of the Elastic Lock™ in marketing materials and communication channels, showcasing it as a unique selling point and key differentiator for Substories.
Visual Identity, Naming & Tagline
Project Director
Lintang Noviantara
Creative Director
Nasa Devrisa
Brand Strategist
Lintang Noviantara
Graphic Designer
Lintang Noviantara
Social Media Specialist
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