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Brand Strategy2023
The main objective of this project was to establish a cohesive expression, seamlessly connecting the verbal and visual aspects. From the very beginning, we knew it would never be easy.
We took on the challenge of entering the coffee industry head-on, and boy, did we deliver! Our team rocked the naming, visual identity, photography, and website development for this project, and the results are make us proud.
By ensuring consistency and synergy across all brand elements, from the logo to the name, from the imagery to the website design, we successfully achieved a cohesive expression that speaks volumes about the brand's identity. Now, the seed has been sown, and let's nurture it for the best.
Brand Architecture, Naming and Tagline, Visual Identity System, Website UI/UX, Website Development
Project Director
Ian Parikesit
Creative Director
Nasa Devrisa
Brand Strategist
Lintang Noviantara
Graphic Designer
Social Media Specialist
Ian Parikesit
Molaris Symbol Origins

A Sharp
Piece Inside
the Chamber

The symbol originates from one of the sharp edges around the burr.

The sharp edges and distinct contours evoke a sense of craftsmanship, while the flowing curves add a touch of fluidity and grace.
Logo Molaris

The Story Behind Its Name

It is a Latin word that means 'grinding.'

In the context of a coffee grinder, it is interpreted as the best partner for producing the perfect grounds for brewing.

In the other side, it has a purpose to help striving coffeeshops 'grind' and elevate their coffee making experience. That is the spirit behind Molaris.
Molaris Photo


The first line of Molaris Coffee Grinder named Invictus.

When it comes to branding, one of our top priorities is working on brand architecture right from the start. It is crucial to establish a clear and strategic brand architecture to provide a solid foundation for future development. 

By carefully defining the brand's structure, hierarchy, and relationships, we ensure that the brand has a well-defined direction for growth and expansion. 

This includes considerations such as brand extensions, sub-brands, and product lines. By addressing brand architecture early in the process, we lay the groundwork for a brand that can evolve and adapt seamlessly in the ever-changing market landscape.
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