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Brand Strategy2021
Yes, undertaking a full rebrand is indeed a challenging task. During the rebranding process, it is crucial to determine which elements should be restructured or redesigned and which elements should be retained. This evaluation involves analyzing the effectiveness and relevance of the current brand elements and identifying areas that need improvement or realignment with the company's new direction.
In the case of Cashpop, it seems that the visual identity is being restructured with the use of paper and stroke as a cohesive element in the visual communication. This suggests a focus on simplicity and possibly a tactile and handcrafted aesthetic. However, the rebranding efforts retain the yellow color, which is a recognizable aspect of the brand and represents its strong DNA.
Additionally, the development of three characters as brand voice messengers indicates a strategic approach to conveying the brand's message and engaging with the target audience. These characters can serve as consistent and recognizable figures that embody the brand's values and effectively communicate its key messages.
Visual Identity, Naming & Tagline, Illustration, Website UI/UX
Project Director
Lintang Noviantara
Creative Director
Nasa Devrisa
Brand Strategist
Lintang Noviantara
Graphic Designer
Wynny, Asna
Social Media Specialist

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