Aftersales Yamaha Indonesia

Aftersales Yamaha Indonesia

Brand Growth2022
The Social Media Handling project for Aftersales Yamaha Indonesia aims to maintain and enhance the brand recognition of this esteemed sub-brand under Yamaha Indonesia. With a focus on the automotive industry, the project involves managing daily content as well as executing monthly campaigns to engage the target audience effectively.
One of the notable accomplishments of this project is the successful execution of various campaigns that have garnered significant attention and engagement. The MotoGP engagement activity allowed fans to connect with the brand on a deeper level, fostering a sense of community and excitement around Yamaha's involvement in the world of motorsports.
During the festive occasion of Eid Al Fitr, the #BengkelJagaYamaha campaign showcased the brand's commitment to ensuring the performance and safety of Yamaha vehicles during long journeys. This initiative not only provided valuable tips and reminders to the audience but also reinforced Yamaha's position as a reliable partner throughout their ownership experience
Social Media Handling, Campaign
Project Director
Ian Parikesit
Creative Director
Nasa Devrisa
Brand Strategist
Lintang Noviantara
Graphic Designer
Uphie Ilyas
Social Media Specialist
Satya Raka
Herpinando Trisnu
Aftersales Yamaha Indonesia
Aftersales Yamaha IndonesiaAftersales Yamaha Indonesia

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